What Makes Us Unique

You probably get calls and emails daily from companies that tell you that they can get you on the first page of Google, or that they can bring in tons of new leads. It can be overwhelming trying to decide who (if anyone) to hire to help grow your business. Here are a few things that make us different:

We only work with Kitchen & Bath Businesses

Because we work exclusively with Kitchen and Bath businesses, we understand the industry, the products and the competitive landscape. We know what works online (and what doesn’t) for K&B businesses. We know how to convey what is unique about your business, and the advantages you have over your competitors in powerful ways your customers understand.

We only work with one company in each area

We will only work with one kitchen and bath company in each market area; otherwise it would be a conflict of interest where we would be competing with ourselves. Rest assured, as long as you are our client, our territory is protected in that you are the only company we will work with in your geographic area.

We handle the details for you

We get it. You’re busy running your kitchen and bath business and don’t have time to do marketing on top of it. We market your business according to our 4-step system, doing everything for you, so that you get results without investing any more of your time.

We don't have long-term contracts

All of our clients enjoy a month-to-month agreement! We don’t believe in long-term contract. If we aren’t delivering what we promised to you, then you should be able to leave with no questions asked.

We offer a money back guarantee

If you’re not happy with the work we’ve done in the first 30 days, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

We keep you informed

We provide a monthly report detailing the work that was completed and your current performance. We’ll review the report with you, and answer any questions you have on the work that was done.

We track results and make improvements

As crazy as it sounds, many marketing companies put their customers on ‘autopilot’ and rarely check on results. We don’t believe in the “set it and forget it” mentality. We use detailed tracking systems to make sure you are getting the best results possible and tweak you program as necessary.

We believe in service

You won’t be handed off to an un-caring call center… You’ll deal directly with our team who will respond to calls and emails promptly. If at any time you don’t feel your getting world-class-service, just let us know, and we’ll make it right.


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