Kitchen and Bath Showroom Marketing

We help Kitchen and Bath showrooms increase foot traffic and convert more visitors to clients.

If you operate a kitchen and bath showroom and are looking to expand your foot traffic (and close more projects) we are excited to have the chance to help you! We’ll implement a system to predictably attract more new showroom visitors, and “pre-sell” them so that they arrive primed to buy. We will also focus on educating clients about your showroom offerings, so your reps can spend less times on the “basics” during your client appointment, and have more time to focus on closing the sale.

After getting to know your showroom business, including the the products you offer and the clients you target (and your overall goals), we’ll work together to build your website so it positions you as the trusted local resource for prospective clients. 

We will also focus on aggressively differentiating you from you competition, including communicating why your independent showroom can service the client more effectively than big-box stores.

We will drive warm prospects to your website and continuously collect performance data. Throughout our relationship we will provide you with all the data necessary to know how your campaigns are performing.

We would love to schedule a call to discuss how the Kitchen Pro Marketing systems can help expand your showroom business. During the call, we will ask you about your current marketing plan and needs, and we will share specific ways that you can develop your own plan of action for internet marketing. We provide these suggestions for free and without any obligation, even if you choose not to work with Kitchen Pro Marketing.

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Let us help you drive more foot traffic to your showroom and convert more visitors into sold projects.

Let’s have an honest, no-pressure and no-obligation conversation about your showrooms future.