automatically attract more ideal kitchen & bath clients through trust based marketing.

How KitchenPro trust based marketing will help you stand out

Why do a few Kitchen and Bath businesses grow while the majority do not? What do the successful few have in common? 

They focus on building trust AND a repeatable sales and marketing system.

Trust is the foundation that your marketing must be built upon. If your potential clients don’t trust you, you’ll struggle to generate leads and close sales. 

Trust coupled with steady stream of incoming leads is the magic combination that will grow you Kitchen and Bath Business.

trust based kitchen marketing

establishing trust With Your Ideal Kitchen & Bath Clients

It used to be enough to just advertise how long you had been in business and customers would implicitly trust you. In today’s world that’s not enough. 

Successful Kitchen and Bath Businesses are actively managing their reputation online and positioning themselves as trusted experts in their local marketplace. 

the Kitchen Pro 4-step process

We'll use our proven 4-step process to attract more of your ideal clients and generate a positive return on your investment.

build your platform

We'll build a modern website that builds trust with your visitors. We'll tell your firm's story in a way that way that attracts your ideal clients. We'll use social proof to make you the 'obvious choice' in your market. During this phase we'll also build the key marketing materials and systems that will be used for lead generation and prospect nurturing.

attract Ideal Clients

We'll use a variety of campaigns to drive ideal clients to your website, including: Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads, Re-marketing and even direct mail. Your website will be designed to capture contact information for interested prospects so we can nurture them into project leads. (In Step #3)

nurture ideal Prospects

You know that Kitchen and Bath sales cycles can be painfully long. Clients responding to advertising today may not be ready to purchase for a year or more. Our nurturing campaigns are designed to keep your business top-of-mind so you're the first call when they decide to move forward.

track and optomize

Online marketing is NOT a 'set it and forget it' activity. We will constantly track your campaigns, measure their performance and report on your progress. Because technology is constantly changing and sometimes things that once worked stop working, we will adjust your program on an ongoing basis.

kitchen marketing process

Marketing your Kitchen & Bath business gets more complex with each passing year. Our team uses the latest tactics and strategies, alongside our 20+ years of K&B experience to market your business. (So you don't have to.) We want to help you achieve success and become the dominant player in your local market."

Get a free, no-obligation marketing strategy customized around your Kitchen and Bath Business. We’ll share data on how your competitors are utilizing online marketing, discuss what keyword phrases would be the most profitable for you and answer any questions you may have.

Get a plan for growing your kitchen and bath business.

Let us help you develop a plan for growing your kitchen and bath business using our 4-step, trust-based process. We’ll help you to increase your business, even in a competetive market.