Kitchen Lead Generation for Remodelers

Do you need more leads? Most Kitchen and Bath business owners would say, “Yes!” If so, read on to see why a multi-step kitchen lead generation system may be what you need.

For most Kitchen and Bath businesses, the main method of attracting new clients are advertisements for “Free Estimates” or “Free Design” consultations.

The problem with this approach is that it relies on your advertisement being at the right place and at the right time – exactly when a potential client is getting serious about starting a new project.

What’s worse, your clients are drowning in marketing messages and larger competitors can far outspend you.

So, how do you attract a steady stream of new (ideal) clients?

A better Kitchen Lead Generation Approach.

First, understand that with traditional advertising a majority of your marketing dollars are wasted.

Of the people that see your marketing, 95%+ are not ready to move forward with a project in the next 90 days.

You need to attract interest from these moderately clients, so you can continue to follow up with them far into the future. You want them to remember you FIRST when they’re ready to pursue a project.

Following up on Kitchen and Bath Leads.

Sometimes it takes years of seeing your company until a client is ready to move forward.

Our kitchen remodeling company had been doing homeshows for years. Same booth, same location, etc. One family stopped by every year for 4 years until they finally moved forward on an estimate. And this wasn’t all that uncommon.

A Multi-Step lead generation program adds a new dimension to your kitchen and bath remodeler marketing. Sure, you’ll still offer estimates and design appointments – but you’ll also offer valuable resources for clients who are in different stages of project consideration.

The main idea is that once a client requests a resource, they will be added to your email and physical newsletter lists.

Once on your lists, they’ll receive your ongoing communication, which ensures you’ll be at the top of their mind when they get serious about starting a project. In fact, your ongoing marketing can even convince them, “This is the year!”

Lead Generating Content for your Kitchen and Bath Business

The lead generation resources you offer can be digital, or physical, depending on your marketing objectives. Case studies or design guides make excellent digital content for download, while you may want to offer physical copies of cabinetry catalogs by mail.

I can hear you asking, “Why go to the time and expense of mailing physical catalogs?”

Beyond the fact that clients love printed materials… it allows you to collect their address. No one will supply their address when downloading digital information (why do you need that?!?!) But they will happily supply it to get glossy catalogs, samples, dvd’s, etc. Imagine being able to direct mail a list of area homeowners who are interested in a new Kitchen. Priceless!

An additional benefit of multi-step lead generation is that it helps lower your costs of advertising. You’ll attract more leads with each campaign – some ready to buy now, and the rest that you are banking for the future. This brings down your overall cost per lead.

If you’re running PPC campaigns, a multi-step approach may allow you to cast a wider net by bidding on keywords that might otherwise be unprofitable, since you can capture leads for ongoing follow up.

Getting Started

The simplest way to get started with multi-step lead generation is to create a ‘checklist.’ Something along the lines of “Top 10 things every homeowner should know before considering a Kitchen Remodel.”

Create a landing page on your website where visitors can download the checklist (in pdf format) in exchange for their email address. You’ll want to integrate the download form with your email marketing software so that each person downloading is automatically added to your list.

Once you have this up and running, you may want to add a series of introductory emails for new subscribers. Consider 5-7 emails that position your company as a guide who can help solve your clients remodeling challenges.

Need Help?

If you need help getting a kitchen lead generation system up and running, feel free to contact us for a free assessment. We will give you an honest, no B.S. review of your current marketing and solid recommendations for generating more leads (even if you choose not to work with us.)

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